Design for the Senses: The link between acoustics and wellbeing

Have you thought about how acoustics influence architecture and design?

Acoustic performance is a critical part in rating the overall indoor environmental quality in a building. According to the World Health Organization (WHO)1, noise can seriously affect human health no matter what life stages. Excess or unwanted noise can cause both short- and long-term health problems. Most obviously, noise can interfere with concentration and hamper daily activities whether it’s at school, work, or at home.
*1 “World Health Organisation, Regional Office for Europe, “Health Topics, Noise”, available via Noise , accessed August 2021.

Watching this webinar, will give you insights about:

  • The impactful effects noise can have on human health and wellbeing
  • How significant acoustical design can influence the experience of the patient, student, and employee
  • Learn how to select healthy interior finishes that give good acoustics using the WELL Building Standard

Webinar is in English

Design for the Senses: The link between acoustics and wellbeing

Webinar Host


Pascal van Dort

Global Acoustics Ambassador at Rockfon

As a Global Acoustics Ambassador, Pascal helps architects, interior designers and building owners understand the importance of sound, noise and acoustics and the impacts it can have on people's health, happiness and well-being.

He is a member of the Acoustical Society of the Netherlands (NAG) and has gained expertise in room acoustics and acoustical solutions through his education background in Building Acoustics.

Webinar Panellists

Jo M. Solet, M.S., Ed.M., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Division of Sleep Medicine,
and Cambridge Health Alliance

Jo is trained as a clinician, educator and researcher, where she contributes with interdisciplinary efforts servicing in integrative and translational abilities. She believes that the physical context can compromise or enhance human health. She served as principal investigator of a project joining evidence-based medicine with evidence-based design to study the sleep arousal effects of hospital sounds. Dr. Solet is a member of the Acoustical Society of America and current Chair of the Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics (TCAA), Subcommittee of Health.

Amanda Robinson

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), Mechanical, Chartered Engineer (No. 549061), Member of the Australian Acoustical Society, Member Institute of Acoustics (MIOA) ,WELL Accredited Professional

Amanda is co-CEO of the global acoustic consultancy company: Marshall Day Acoustics. They specialise in building and room acoustics. She is a professional qualified mechanical engineer specialising in acoustics. Amanda has a keen interest in classroom acoustics and the benefits a good acoustic environment can give to the educational performance. She is an accredited WELL Professional and has been appointed to the International WELL Sound Advisory Committee to assist in the next iteration of the WELL rating tool.

Ethan Bourdeau

B.S.E. in Acoustical Engineering and Music with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Hartford and Hartt School of Music., currently working as the Sound Concept Lead in the Standard Development Team at the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)

Ethan is the Sound Concept Lead at the Standard Development team at the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), and he is an expert in acoustics, noise and building acoustics. He recognises that noise is a global public health concern, where Ethan craft accessible ways for projects to achieve and benefit from long-term, high-performance acoustical design. He is a seasoned guest speaker giving advisory-level insights to the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, Acoustical Society of America, Delos Living, Well Living Lab, Quiet Mark, Quiet Parks International, and Enterprise Green Communities