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Acoustics & Design

How to combine acoustic and design in the building process? Join this panel discussion for actionable insights that you can use right now to achieve results.

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There has been a lack of collaboration between acousticians and architects, as they frequently work independently of one another when it comes to addressing these demand concerns.

A holistic approach is necessary to create a fluid process between the acoustic engineering, design, architecture, and building construction fields. This approach will allow the different experts to collaboratively work together and create the best end results. But how do we ensure this will happen?

Projects always benefit from a holistic or ‘joined up’ design approach — having all the team members involved from an early stage means that any specific requirements can be built into the scheme and the design can reflect that.

Helen Sheldon
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  • What are the current design trends? And what are the paradoxes in construction?    
  • How can you ensure that the acoustician is involved in the design process so that all goals are met?
  • Is a holistic approach the answer? And how to incorporate it to ensure quality throughout the project?
  • Do we need a single point-of-contact to manage communication and collaboration between departments for the entirety of the project?

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Meet our panel members

Pascal van Dort

Global Acoustics Ambassador at Rockfon

As a Global Acoustics Ambassador, Pascal helps architects, interior designers and building owners understand the importance of sound, noise and acoustics and the impacts it can have on people's health, happiness and well-being.

He is a member of the Acoustical Society of the Netherlands (NAG) and has gained expertise in room acoustics and acoustical solutions through his education background in Building Acoustics.

Anne Marie Tommerup

CEO at Together Architecture

Anne Marie Tommerup founded Together Architecture with co-founder, Frederikke Aagaard, in 2019. Her passion is working with sensory experiences, workplace design, and improving the quality of life for people. Together Architecture creates spaces that improve the quality of life, for both private and business clients, with evidence-based behavioural design.

Helen Sheldon

Director at RBA Acoustics Ltd

After graduating from Salford University in 2002 with a BSc in Physics with Acoustics, Helen began working as a building acoustic consultant. She has since provided advice on numerous high-profile residential developments, office buildings, hotels, educational institutions, and performance spaces throughout the UK as well as in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Most recently, she was promoted to Director of RBA Acoustics and now actively promotes acoustics awareness as a STEM subject.

Stuart Finnie

Head of Design at Unispace

Stuart is a professional architect and interior designer with both conventional architectural practice and design & build experience under his belt. He has expertise in building workplaces, housing, education, retail, hospitality, arts, and museums, as well as historic settings.

Stuart is lucky to have worked with some amazing clients in the past, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, and English Heritage. He has also designed workplace projects for well-known companies such as Accenture, Samsung AI, and Adidas.

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